Gmail - eni-summary 08-05-21 -Desmond Tutu: Usko ja terveys kukevat käsi kädessä

Gmail - eni-summary 08-05-21 : "'Faith and health go together', says Archbishop Tutu

Geneva (ENI). Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a man known for speaking out about injustices from whatever side they come, and for his charismatic preaching peppered with heart-wrenching anecdotes. However, when he visited the United Nations in Geneva on 20 May, he stressed the link between 'faith and health'. Before his UN appearance, the former leader of the Anglican Church in South Africa went to the World Council of Churches and spoke to its staff. During his address, the archbishop paid tribute to this grouping of 550 million Christians in 347 churches for taking a 'moral and courageous' stand in supporting liberation movements that fought against his country's rulers during the apartheid era. [685 words, ENI-08-0403]"

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