Antivirus ohjelmat eivät havaitse uusimpia haittaohjelmia | Tech News on ZDNet

Raportti Commtouch Q2 2009 Internet Threats Trend raportti: Antivirus-sovellusten toimittajat ovat vaikeuksissa uusien sähköpostivieusten kanssa.

Major antivirus engines failing to detect malware | Tech News on ZDNet: "Antivirus vendors are having trouble keeping up with e-mail viruses, according to a new security report.

Released Tuesday, the Commtouch Q2 2009 Internet Threats Trend Report noted a spike in the number of e-mail viruses that slipped past major antivirus engines between late May and June. The security vendor based its findings on the analysis of over 2 billion e-mail messages and Internet transactions daily in its cloud-based global detection centers."

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